Hi there! I’m Audry, Empowerment Coach, Dog Mom, and Total Introvert. 

Enneagram 2, type A as they come... I live for an a good planner, am always in yoga pants, and can't get enough of my coffee, crystals, & tarot cards.


I was divorced, depressed, unhappy in my job, and dreading getting out of bed everyday. My insides felt like total chaos and TBH, it all kinda sucked.

I came out of a crazy divorce feeling completely unmoored. I realized I didn't know myself anymore, I wasn't sure what I wanted, and I didn't have the energy to do much of anything most days. I ended everyday feeling overwhelmed, have loads of crying breakdowns, just because, and really couldn't right the ship, even though I had the most amazing home, wonderful furbabies, and had started the healthiest, most wonderful relationship of my life.

I was irritable, stressed, and constantly seeing the worst in people and situations. I couldn't get out of my own way to see the good things right in front of me, much less, manifest more good things into my life.

Then I found a sacred practice & connected with my purpose. Now I help other women bounce back from BS, find their purpose so they can create a life they actually enjoy.

While the shift wasn't easy for me at the time (I was doing it on my own and sort of just figuring it out as I went!), it has changed everything for me.
I went from angry, anxious, and constantly in inner chaos (btw that inner chaos caused plenty of outer chaos along the way too), to a life that feels peaceful, fulfilling, and way more FUN than ever before.
I traded stressing and starting fights for deep love and so much laughter, and went from dreading work and feeling victimized by other peoples moods to taking control of my energy and being able to shift the energy of the situation around me. That shit is powerful!
Now my Corporate work is more fun, insanely fulfilling and I have created new opportunities I would have never dreamed of a few years ago. I am financially abundant, my relationship has bloomed into one of true love and partnership, and life is just in general so good.
Learning to lean into your authenticity, feel truly confident, and work towards a greater purpose is the greatest gift IMO and I am SO honored to help other women get to this space and create life that feels joyful, pleasurable, and just plain ass fun.

Top: Nature is my church, especially those tall VA trees. Left, the bearded man who makes my heart go pitter patter. Right: One of my precious babies, Rowan.


Audry is the founder of Thirty Something Magic and Wild Soul Coaching LLC. She's an on again off again blogger who loves nothing more than helping women have an AH HA moment about all they bring to the table. 

She gets fired up about empowerment and smashing the patriarchy, and has a love for 90s music, Stevie Nicks, and all things witchy. She hopes to be known for bringing a level of fun and authenticity to the online world and for inspiring women to truly fall in love with themselves and their lives, and to get really excited about claiming their worth and making an impact in the world.

Ain't nobody got time for anything less than that.




Stevie Nicks + Fleetwood Mac can put me in a good mood any day. Dreams, Gypsy...ya girl is dancing under the moon.


A good cup of coffee is made magical by my $10 foamer. Seriously, getchu one and fance up that coffee, girl.


I actually kinda suck at watching tv. I'm way more of a book girl and own several hundreds...yes, hundreds. #noshame #nerd


I will forever wear skinny jeans and rock the side part. Don't come for me, Gen Z. 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Fudgy brownies with a crispy edge

celeb i'd love to meet

Taylor Swift; I just want to hug her.

Guilty pleasure

Trashy period romance novels

alternate universe job:

Wildlife Conservationist

favorite place i've been:

Maui...it really is as beautiful as the post cards

drink of choice

Water or overly sweet Sweet Tea (I'm an Okie, y'all)

can't live without

Coil hair ties, my planner

usually craving


beach vs mountains

Mountains with alllll the trees

favorite show to binge

Gilmore Girls, Mad Men

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