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My Review of The Health Habit by Elizabeth Rider

The Health Habit: 7 Easy Steps to Reach Your Goals and Dramatically Improve Your Life (Available August 20th) Who is Elizabeth Rider? Elizabeth Rider is a health and nutrition expert, coach, and online entrepreneur. She teaches women how to become the healthiest, most successful versions of themselves. Her site has tons of delicious, healthy recipes […]

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I’m Audry.
An empathic, crystal-loving 30-something who is committed to empowering women and making the world a better place. Dog mom, moon priestess, & yoga pants for life.
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My love affair with mornings… The other day I couldn’t sleep and I ended up wide awake at 3:30 am. Which, in my opinion, is kinda awful. Unless you live on a farm and need to tend to your dairy cows (I don’t ☹). With the crazy work demands and insane hours lately, I’ve been […]

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Goodness. What a week. I’m writing this on Sunday after working 12-15 hour days for the last week. I was a zombie. It was a hot mess of a week. I had every intention of putting up a blog post on Tuesday and shooting out a fun email. No such luck. By the time I […]

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Anyone else waiting for time to pass so you can have something, be someone, do something? Telling yourself, “in ____ years I’ll be able to do ____ because ____”? (ex: “In 5 years we’ll be able to take that European vacation because we’ll have more money”) I have so many big goals and dreams and […]

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Hey there! It’s been a while! Life (mostly work) got crazy and I experienced a little stage fright after some unexpected (but positive) feedback on one of my posts (more about that in my weekly-ish email), so I took a little time away. But now I’m back in BlogLand and happy to get going again! […]

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What do you do when you feel like you’re not going anywhere? When you barely want to get up in the mornings and certainly don’t feel like you have time for a “side hustle” or creative endeavors? When you get home from work so exhausted all you want to do is zone out watching tv? […]

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How a divorce, an affair, drama, and chaos changed my life for the better. I was MIA last weekend because we were celebrating The Bearded One’s birthday. We went out of town and enjoyed a weekend full of breweries, delicious food and tons of laughs. As we were out and enjoying ourselves, I found myself […]

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I thought about a few different topics for this post, but had a hard time getting any of them “on paper”. The last week of March was a roller coaster – it went so quickly after starting out with the best energy – a whole feeling of renewal, rebirth and great things to come. I […]

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What is Coaching and why is it so hot right now? I get asked a lot, “what is this life coach thing all about?” I mean, really, what does it even MEAN? As I’m approaching another certification test (I’ll forever be a student in some way and I. love. it!), I wanted to share a […]

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How to define your own life and not be hijacked by assholes, bullies, and mean girls. After a particularly exhausting and busy few weeks (month? haha), I’m reminded that it’s important for me to pause, reflect and reset. Anyone else experiencing a 2019 like that so far? 🙂 With all the stress and overwhelm creeping […]

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My deepest belief is that women are tuned in to their intuition, learn to trust themselves, and are living an empowered life, the world begins to shift. When we flip the script on society's definition of success and start living a life of purpose and love, we change the game for everyone and that's a game I want to be a part of.

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