Inspiring you to tune in to your Inner Magic and create a life you love.

I work with clients to clear energetic blocks, create sustainable self-care, activate your intuition, and zero in on your Soul's Purpose, so you can create success on your terms and enjoy a life that is full of fun, happiness, and magic!

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My Story

After my divorce and complete life implosion, I was looking for something different, something totally new. I learned to prioritize myself and how to heal through energy work and a sacred practice, taking me from someone who was stressed, angry, and living in inner chaos to someone who was balanced, happier, and living a life with sooo much purpose and passion. From there, I realized that I could combine my Corporate leadership experience and intuitive gifts with my passion for helping others by living out my purpose every day as an Intuitive Empowerment Coach.

I have always been fiercely passionate about helping other women find empowerment, free themselves from shitty, broken systems, and create real magic by finding their authentic selves. I found that my "Practical Woo" approach combined with my biz smarts made me a unique kind of Intuitive Coach and allows me to offer something super special and different to my clients and that really lights me up.

I believe we all have a special blend of magic and a unique purpose in life and I can't wait to help you tap into yours!

Beyond Coaching

We do a lot of really fun shit around here

In addition to energy healing and coaching work, which I freakin love, I also host online trainings, Women's Moon Circles, and Virtual Temple experiences. My passion is helping women step into their magical, empowered, Wild Woman selves so if any of this sounds interesting, join the email list to learn more! We can't wait to sit in community with you!

connect with other wild women

ground & center your energy

develop a deeper sacred practice

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Energy Work

Hello, Highest Self.

Firmly believing that "Energy is the Currency of the Universe", a lot of the work I do with my clients and online students is working through old blocks, healing stuck energy, and creating a new framework for a major up level. One where you can joyfully co-create your wildest dreams alongside the Universe. From distance reiki sessions to energy clearing to guided journeys, we will create a solution that is uniquely perfect for YOU.

feel balanced & peaceful

create more energy

align for insane levels of manifestation

Purpose Roadmap

Not sure where you're going? I can help.

Goals and to do lists can be great, but having a true, divinely guided Purpose can set your life apart. When you wake up daily with your Soul Purpose in mind and have a clear plan to get there, everything changes. By guiding you to get clear on your purpose, determine your why, and align your energy with a kickass plan, we take you from IDK to f*ck yes!

clarity & motivation

energetic alignment

a clear plan to get you where you want to go

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Courses, and coaching, and group programs, oh my!


Throughout the year, I offer a variety of group and individual coaching packages designed for a specific outcome. Beyond that, I offer a small number of custom 1:1 coaching packages each year. Have a specific goal in mind or want support around another foundational part of your life? We'll schedule a complimentary consultation and can decide what's right for you! We'll talk about your unique needs, what challenges your facing, and if it's a fit, we'll develop a strategy that is perfectly aligned with your needs and ensures you get the best possible results and the most insane love and support you can imagine. 

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Kind Words

You've floored me! Incredible content and passion! Where have you been my whole life!?

— ginny, entrepreneur

Audry offered incredible guidance and helped me align my energy to feel good about what I'm putting out into the world.

— K.S., Online wellness coach

I left our session feeling resourced and connected to my inner wisdom. I don't need to compare myself to others because what I have to give is perfect and meaningful in itself.

— crystal, coach

You helped me become a better leader. You helped me step into my own brand of authenticity and really see how I wanted to help others and make a difference. Thank you!

— Stephanie L, womens mentor

My Promise to You &

What Makes Me Different

I keep it real asf. I promise to support you from a place that's loving, logical, and also divinely guided.

 I bring the woo, the energy work but without any bullshit. I can talk strategy, business, development, mindset, and NLP, and still infuse that with magic, with healing modalities and energy work. 

I also promise to always be honest with you, to always see you as your highest self, and to believe in you 1,000,000 percent. The world needs YOU and I'm so excited to walk with you on this journey!

From group programs to customized 1:1 sessions, I am 1000% there for you, focused on your success, and walking with you towards the most magical version of yourself. You got this, you deserve this, and I can't wait to work together to make it happen.

i know what a gift it is to be able to do this work & support amazing women, and i am so honored to help you reach your next levels of success and happiness.


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your life,
or reignite your

let's work together

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