About Me and 30SM…

I’m Audry, the 30-something behind Thirty Something Magic. As a Life Coach, Energetic Healer, and blogger, my goal is to create a supportive, encouraging, and engaging community where women can heal and explore every aspect of themselves and can grow to become the badass warrior goddesses they truly are.

So often we feel confined to one version of ourselves, and don’t feel truly safe or supported to explore the other things that spark our interest or ignite our hearts. We may even feel lost or unsure of who we really are because of a toxic relationship or a major life change (hello, divorce!).

I’ve been through my own journey of losing myself and creating an entirely new life and this was the inspiration behind Thirty Something Magic. My goal is to create a space where women can heal their hearts and souls, find out who they truly are, and then create abundance and joy in a life they truly love.

As women, when we heal ourselves, we heal the whole, so I wanted to create a space where we can heal from trauma, grow as women, and learn how to be totally badass at everything we do – from our careers, to our love lives and home. No matter what phase of life you’re in, no matter what you’ve been through, this is a safe space for you to heal, grow, and explore.

Bring your Whole Self to the table and pull up a chair. You’re home here.

Humble beginnings in Oklahoma…and my pony, Marlow

My Story

A few years ago, I went through a really crappy divorce after not feeling like myself at all for a few years. I got married (not crazy young) and became a military spouse, displaced from everything I knew very quickly.

When I landed in a new place, 1300 miles from my home, I had a hard time making the type of deep, fulfilling friendships I longed for. I’m an introvert, so that added to the challenge, but I had a serious aversion to shallow friendships and women that quickly showed that they were more into status and their husbands’ career growth than anything to do with themselves or a tribe of women. It was frustrating. I had many great friends back home and longed to find someone I could just be weird with.

I was fortunate to find one amazing friend hidden in the flocks of Samesies, but as the divorce was hitting its crazy peak, she had to move away for work. As the divorce (and drama) progressed, I continued to go further within, not wanting to call my people back home and always be sad or negative, I just shut down and withdrew. I was lonely and feeling lost.

I desperately longed for a Tribe where I could be all versions of myself and explore the things I hadn’t felt supported to do before. I would spend an embarrassing amount of time searching Facebook groups and internet sites for communities that shared, or at least supported, my wide range of passions and needs.

Cue my desire to start something different…

Flash forward a few years to the most supportive relationship I’ve ever known, a happy home (that I bought all by myself – seriously proud moment!!) filled with my four-legged loves, a successful job in corporate America, a growing coaching business, all while learning to create the exact life and space I want.

It is so clear to me that you can be successful at a career, financially abundant (it’s all energy and relationships, y’all – let’s talk!), AND be a Spiritual Explorer! All you have to do is take a deep breath and give yourself the space to be…and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a tribe of amazing women supporting and growing alongside you! So, welcome. My hope is that this will be a space of healing and growth for you. That you will feel at home and learn to be a more confident and abundant version of yourself while you’re here.


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