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Are you ready to start manifesting your desires like now?

In this private virtual workshop, we'll work together to clear away old beliefs, zero in on your deepest desires, and align your energy so you can become the Magical Manifestor you were always meant to be.

Sure, You Could Do Nothing.

So often we think that if we keep planning and thinking our goals to death, we'll get there. We live on the Hustle Hamster Wheel and wonder why we end every day feeling exhausted, burned out, and no closer to our deepest desires. This workshop is designed to break you free from this cycle and help you create actual movement towards your deepest desires and to maintain the energetic alignment to help you keep manifesting your dreams.

If you're anything like I was, you could use a little help to take you to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't and to support you on the road to finding your ultimate hell yes.

but let's be real.

Doing The Same Thing Will Only Give You the Same Results.

Our society has taught us that we have to "work hard" to be successful and to have the things we dream of...well, I call bullshit. Creating massive shifts and manifesting your dreams is more about your alignment and your energy than just "working harder". 

So what if we could spend a few hours together clearing out the yuck and calling in the magic? What if we could tailor a workshop just to your needs and work big magic together so you can leave there with actual change and a feeling of relief, energy, and WOW?


The Heal & Manifest Virtual VIP Day

In this virtual workshop, I'll customize a plan just for your needs and we'll spend the time together clearing out stuck energy, healing what needs to shift, and aligning your energy so you can start attracting your deepest desires now. We'll also work together to create a plan to reach your goals and to maintain this balanced and powerful energy in real life, no matter what happens (hello, triggers! We're looking at you!)

Yes, please


Schedule your free consultation to see if a private workshop is right for you. During the call, we'll chat about what you want to create more of in your life and how I can support you in getting there. 


Prior to the workshop, we'll schedule a call to outline your special day to make sure I'm delivering the best possible experience for you! The event itself is a half day with time for breaks, etc. We will do energy work, I'll share information, and guide you in exercises to create massive change - both during the event and after you leave!

and THIS

After the workshop, we'll schedule a follow up call just to make sure you are maintaining the magical energy and on track to create your goals and desires. I'm here to support you! And this check-in is designed to make sure you're on track and feeling totally taken care of.

Kind Words

I realized how much you help me feel the magic when I need some reminding and that's something I don't want to give up.

— Ginny

Audry is such a beautiful light and has helped me find my center more than a few times. It can be hard to find it on your own, especially when the world around feels out of control.

— J.M.


My Superpower is Helping Women Make Powerful Changes

Too often, as women, we're taught to look outside ourselves for the answers. Well, that's total BS. I'm here to help you trust your inner authority and tune in to the magic you already have inside you. When you're connected in, healed, and resourced, you can create the life of your dreams with ease and joy.


You’re Someone Who Is Made For More.

You have a big heart and appreciate the things in your life, but you're ready to take it to the next level. You want to feel lit up, passionate, and excited about your life, and you're ready to create big, magical things - abundance, love, success - all on your own terms. You're ready to stop living in stress and inner chaos, to stop feeling hijacked, and instead, be able to show up authentically and confidently in your energy while easily attracting your deepest desires.

Don't you just wish that someone would GET it? Someone could show you how to balance your energy and easily create the things you dream of in a way that works for YOU?? Well.... great news.

Thanks to our time together...

You Will:

+learn how to process & release negative thoughts & emotions

+ get clear on your deepest desires & how to make them a reality

+ align with the energy of fast & easy manifestation

+ learn how to show up as the most magical authentic version of yourself

Are you ready for this?

let's chat

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