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Thirty Something Magic – coaching, business, life, love, productivity

Maybe you…

  • Want to explore your Spirituality or develop a meditation practice, but you’re not sure where it fits into your busy schedule (or even where to begin!)
  • Want to increase your confidence (and even manifest the career of your dreams!)
  • Are looking for ways to perform better and really SHINE in your career without totally losing your soul
  • Are trying to find your true life’s work, your calling, but you feel pulled in so many directions you are having trouble delivering on any of them
  • Want to start your own online business but are overwhelmed by all the info and classes out there
  • Want to know more about Life Coaching, but think it sounds a little woowoo and are afraid of what people might think
  • Are curious about crystals/tarot/astrology/the moon/etc, but feel trapped in the broom closet by what people will say (and maybe don’t even know where to start)
  • Are having trouble finding your Tribe and desperately want a community where you can be your WHOLE self

These are your people.

This is a place for you to grow and explore all facets of yourself, with a tribe of women who are actively doing the same. 



Dog pics, hot tips, and all the practical woo you can stand. Let's be friends XOXO.