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A couple of weeks ago, I talked about slowing down to do more and create your big dreams. Sounds crazy, right? It’s not, I promise. That was part 1 to my two-part series about how to make your big dreams a reality, and now I’m excited to share with you how you can co-create your dreams using the energy that’s all around you.

The magic that creates your dreams.

In my last post, I talked about the importance of giving yourself downtime to create your dreams. Doing nothing to accomplish more. Now, I want to talk about another important step in reaching those big ass dreams and making your life a total freaking success.

The most important thing you can do to create your dreams.

The most important thing you can do to create the life of your dreams is to align yourself with the energy of the universe.

Sounds a little woo woo, right? Especially if that’s not your normal speak, but trust me here. I’ve seen this work major magic in my own life and in the lives of others.

There’s a lot of energy circulating all around us and getting our own energy on track, lined up, and clear about the dreams we’re creating can make serious sh*t happen. Promise.

So how does it work?

Well, start by putting those goals out there, girl. Then get really clear about them- especially the why behind them. Why do they light you up? How will your life change when you create those dreams? Once you’re clear on all that, then open yourself up to guidance and MAD SUPPORT from the universe. She really does have your back, yo.

Create your dreams – the magic inside you.

The magic of all of us, especially women, lies in our ability to know ourselves. To connect with our inner wisdom and guidance, to unleash the divine within. To know our own magic and then to let that magic and love and wisdom flow into the universe. We are sooooo powerful once we learn how to tap into this.

Yes, I said the divine within. This is goddess magic. A power and strength within each of us. It connects us directly to the energy of the universe and when we’re tuned in to that, our lives change. This power expands, it magnifies, it EXPLODES with goodness and magic and love. And our lives explode with goodness and magic and love in turn.

How does this work in “real life”?

When you show up for yourself, when you’re on this steady solid ground with your inner wisdom, you are SO. MUCH. BETTER at and for everything else in your life.

You’re a better, more present mom, spouse, lover, friend. You’re a more engaged employee, a better leader. You think more clearly and are more creative. You can accomplish serious goals and make incredible shit happen.

So, the key to this success, to accomplishing your dreams, is to give yourself space to do nothing (part 1). And in that space is where you learn to get quiet and listen to the magic that’s happening within.

We all have choices as we create our dreams.

Option One: You can give yourself time to process, time to think, time to be still, and listen. You can take time to rest so that your creativity muscles are stronger and you’re more productive and energized. You can start to connect with the energy of the universe to create the energy of your dreams.


Option Two: You can keep giving and giving until you’re worn out and your “love cup” is empty. You may still have your goals and dreams, but you tuck them into some sad space inside you and then you feel upset, hurt, and resentful when they don’t happen.

I dunno about you, but that second option sounds kinda awful to me. It also sounds kinda real, if I’m being honest. I’ve encountered so many women – clients, friends, family, coworkers – that are living on the corner of Worn Out and Selflessness and are not happy. They’re not chasing their own dreams, they’re not doing anything for themselves, and they’re not giving their all in any part of their life. Because of this, they’re also not letting their brilliant, beautiful light shine in the world. And that’s a real tragedy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “hustle” and incessant expectations and demands on your time, energy, and availability. It’s totally normal. But when we know better we can do better and now you have a clear opportunity to choose something different. You can choose a new approach, a new energy frequency, and then, new results.

How to unlock the magic and create your dreams.

You didn’t think I was going to ramble on about all this magic and power without giving you some ways to get there, did you? Nahhhh… I want you to succeed, to feel this power, so let’s talk about how you get to this place of alignment to create your dreams.

First, give yourself some space to breathe, some time to revel in the quiet and the rest. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with this new quiet space, ask yourself where, what, who you want to be. Then, start the magical process of aligning yourself with the magic of the universe.

The Step by Step plan to aligning with the universe and making your dreams a reality.

Tend your garden, keep checking in, and making space for your sacred experience.

Step One: Lay the Foundation – Self-Care

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here: self-care isn’t selfish. It’s also not just bubble baths and chocolate either though, ugh. Self-care is quiet time, sacred space. It’s listening and tuning in. It’s getting clear on who you are, what you want, and what your inner voice sounds like

Self-care is where the magic happens, TBH. So, start by making it a daily freaking habit.

I like to do this through my morning ritual that includes journaling, meditation, and a good ole convo with the universe, but you can experiment to find exactly what works for you. Start now, try it all…as long as you’re doing something just for you.

If you need ideas or inspiration, I made a free Self-Care Guide with 26 actionable tips. Click here to download it for yourself.

Step 2 – Identify Your Dreams and Your Why

Get clear on what you want, both for your own understanding and for when you put it into the universe. Then start to dive deep into why you want this thing. How will it change your life? How will it make you feel? Who will you be once you have it and how does it allow you to serve others?

I suggest using a Visualization Exercise here to set your energy at the level you want to exist:

Journal about who and what you want to be, how you want your life to be different and then start visualizing a day in the life. See all the specifics of your day – what you look like, how you feel, the things, and people around you. Let yourself imagine walking through that ideal day and really feel into the energy of that dream life.

Once you’re clear and aligned, put your dreams out there. Through journaling, prayer, meditation, speaking into the universe…whatever resonates with you, just get it out there and then keep putting it out there. You don’t need to change your goals every 6 seconds. Give it time to work, watch for signs, and keep the communication open.

Step 3 – Let the Universe Work

Relax and let the magic happen.

Put it out there, ask for guidance, and then…listen. Once you’ve put your goals, dreams, and desires out into the world, you can relax.

Put your dreams into the universe and ask for this or something better. Then you show up and do good work every day from a place of love and service, but you don’t need to have a death grip on the outcome.

You’ve shared your desires with the universe (keep doing that!), you’re focused, and you’re doing your part, but a lot of your part includes…releasing the outcome.

If you have a supertightdeathgrip on everything, you could stifle the universe’s magic AND be working from a place of scarcity, which means you’re putting that desperate, low vibe, gimme-gimme energy out into the world, which I’m guessing is not what you’re trying to call back to yourself. So yeah, don’t be a Stage 5 Clinger trying to create your dreams. Relax and let the magic happen.

It all comes down to balance – you do the work that you know gets you closer to your goals, you show up daily, approach everything from a place of love and authenticity, and stay present in your life. If you can be confident in the fact that you’re doing good work for the right reasons, you don’t need to stress about the rest. You should, however, keep prioritizing your self-care, your dreams, and alllllways your communication with the universe.

Step 4 – Check-in

While I encourage a bit of the “set it and forget it” method in creating your goals, it doesn’t mean you’re not taking action in your life or assuming once you’ve put your goals out there once you never need to do anything again. This is all about relaxing your hustle mentality, creating space for quiet, and aligning your energy.

Once you’ve put your dreams into the universe and have aligned your energy, keep showing up every day and communicating your gratitude and goals right out into the universe. Keep feeling into that new energy you want to create, but also, stay open to signs and changes.

Sometimes, goals change. You may get a message that tells you to shift course and that’s ok too. (PS be careful not to mistake self-sabotage and limiting beliefs for a sign to give up your dream).

To stay tuned in and receive all the goodness and guidance, spend some time daily checking in, seeing if that dream still feels good to you, if it’s still aligned with your ultimate vision for yourself. If not, get quiet and open yourself up to ask why and what next, then get clear on your next big dream and follow the process.


Keep generating positive, successful energy and it will keep coming back to you.

Creating your dreams is a process and while I don’t believe in the constant hustle-life, it does take energy, so remember to be kind to yourself and to cheer yourself on! This is big work!

As you’re moving right along, creating your big dreams, take time to rest, and don’t forget to celebrate your successes! Notice the little signs that tell you you’re on the right track, like things falling perfectly into place, someone mentions exactly what you were thinking about, or you connect with unexpected people who are on a similar path or can offer unique support.

Celebrate yourself when you reach milestones in your goals! Have a freaking party! Keep generating that positive, successful energy and it will keep coming back to you.

Also, as you’re celebrating your success, it’s important to also appreciate what you have and what you’ve learned along the way. Give gratitude. For what you have now, for the signs you see along the way, and of course, for any time you find success in your journey to creating your dreams!


1. Give yourself time to get quiet and centered (self-care it up!)

2. Get clear on your dreams, understand what your ideal energy feels like, and then put your dreams into the universe.

3. Set clear intentions for how you want to feel, who you want to be, and then release the “how”. Be present in your life and do good work from a place of honesty, love, and service but don’t obsess about outcomes. Relax and let the magic happen.

4. Check-in. Let go of old ass agendas and limiting beliefs. Stay open to the experience and the guidance you receive along the way (from yourself and the universe, not some crusty person with stupid opinions).

5. Celebrate your progress and your success. Notice milestones and signs that you’re on the right path and stay grateful for the experience.

And always always remember that this is a process. It’s a journey. And it can be a beautiful one if you give it the space to be. Don’t rush it but also don’t forget about it. Tend your garden, keep checking in, and making space for your sacred experience.

So now that we’ve talked about the how, tell me below what big dream you’re creating!

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