I’m Back: Life Updates + My Initiation with Grief and Purpose

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Hello Beauty! It’s been a whole long while since I’ve written a blog post and I’m excited to share some updates and ways that I”m leaning further into my purpose work. So much has happened, as you can hopefully see by the state of the website! It’s like a fancy new house, or at least a new decorating job LOL.

Around this time last year, I started to get really excited about writing blogs again, and then our family suffered a huge loss (to us, I know not everyone gets it, but my people will). Our 10 year old Vizsla passed away unexpectedly and I felt like life came to a grinding halt.

After the Loss

I couldn’t think, couldn’t function. And so I just…stopped. Everything.

This was also almost 11 months later, to the day, that my 14 year old pup passed the prior year. I felt unmoored and like a chunk of my heart was missing.

While these back-to-back losses were gutting, they also served as an initiation for me…an initiation in sitting with grief. In expressing gratitude instead of constantly bemoaning what was lost. In holding someone you love dearly while they leave this world and trying to stay in a space of love and gratitude to keep them from feeling sad.

This was an extraordinary experience for me. I felt broken, but my soul also deepened and my heart was so full from every moment with my boys.

Life slowed down to a snail’s pace while we grieved. Eric and I spent so much time just being near each other, I think it was like a balm on the wound of missing our baby. There was so much pain, but I also found gratitude to have walked this path with Eric by my side. I couldn’t have imagined doing that alone.

New Beginnings

Red dog playing in leaves

Life slowed way down for a while, and then it sped way up…

Not too long after this, someone in my neighborhood posted about a Pittie that needed an urgent foster, or risked being euthanized. I hadn’t welcomed foster dogs before because I was so protective of our older gentlemen, so I have to believe this was the moment gifted to me with “perfect timing” that allowed me to be of service.

We welcomed Jordan into our home but told the rescue “this is only temporary, no exceptions”. Jordan was marked as “aggressive, no other dogs” because of a situation in his old home, and I was already on the list for a Vizsla puppy. (BTW most lists were 12-18+ months long and I somehow got on a list for a little being born in March…talk about divine timing! I believe Copper was looking out for me and helped me connect with these incredible people 😉).

Fast forward a bit and we were getting worried. Jordan’s potential replacement fosters and adopters kept falling through (through no fault of his own). It was getting close to Puppy Day and Jordan was still firmly ensconced on our couch with nowhere to go.

We finally decided that we would bring the puppy home and give Jordan a couple more weeks to find his own home, while keeping them separated. After 2 weeks of the Rowan being home, Jordan still had no adoption or foster potentials, so we made a decision. We started to introduce the boys, very slowly and with tons of parental guidance LOL.

After slow and supervised introductions, we learned that Jordan is in fact is a pretty patient big brother to Rowan. He’s not crazy about puppy games most of the time, but we are almost a year into our lives together and everyone is happy, sometimes share cuddles, and have made us a happy 2-dog home again (hello, #fosterfail LOL).

We got pretty lucky…by giving a “bad dog” a chance, we’ve actually found a pretty complete happy family together.

2 dogs cuddling on couch
Rowan and his big brother Jordan cuddling

What Else? Tired of hearing about dogs?

Beyond this, life has still been incredible….so much happening. I’ll try to give a shorter snapshot than the pupp-o story, but hopefully you’ve made it this far just the same ;).

New puppy life was a hell of an adventure and time-consuming but still allowed for some major changes over the summer.

In June, I actually made the decision to quit my job. I went to resign in August and then… I unquit my job. It’s an interesting story LOL, I’ll share more on that in a later post.

At that time, I also made the decision to focus more on my business and to change how I was doing things. Like, ALL the things lol.

I wanted to focus on doing business in a way that feels more aligned and supportive of my energy and not at all obligatory or sleazy…big ask, huh? Yeah… I’m not super jazzed about all the “do it this way”, super structured, “works for everyone” methods…they don’t feel authentic to me and the moment something doesn’t feel authentic, I lose interest 🤷🏻‍♀️

The Shift – Deepening into Purpose

So, I’ve been leaning into the spiritual, seeking intuitive guidance, and and sharing from a super ME place. And only when and if it feels right to me.

I’m not popping into DMs in a sleazy way. If I message you, it’s because I think you’re cool lol. And I’m not following a super structured approach to business in the way many would say is necessary.

I’m making shifts and offering programs and events that feel aligned for ME (like the 2022 Aligned Vision Workshop we did in January {You can grab a copy of that here} and monthly (ish) meditations on Zoom, which you can join for free here)

PS: I got a Human Design Blueprint from Erin Claire Jones and all of this is SO aligned with my HD! The Blueprint is INCREDIBLE and so spot on. I mean, she literally called out things I’ve felt pulling on my soul for YEARS! Super magical. I totally recommend checking her out here. (Note: I am not an affiliate and I don’t get a commission, I just LOVED my Blueprint and felt so damn seen lol)

Refining my Focus + Sharing my Purpose

My intention is to be more consistent with my blog posts, sharing updates from my own life as well as offering tips, guidance, etc., that I think will be helpful to you and support you on YOUR personal journey to self-love, purpose, and greater success.

I continue to refine who I’m serving and how (and I’m sure it’ll keep evolving for a while!) and lately I am feeling super called to speak more directly to the women who “do both”, meaning women who have a corp j.o.b. and are also running their own businesses. (Is this you?? Leave me a comment – I’d love to chat!)

My own journey of “doing both” has been a roller coaster, AND has been super exciting, rewarding, and enlightening. And I’m pumped to show up and serve women in the same boat as they navigate this unique situation.

My Purpose

I know that my purpose work lies in helping women love themselves and create that inner balance that lets them create a life of joy, passion, purpose, and so much more. I want to help more women feel like they’re doing their soul purpose work from an aligned space, because when women show up this way, the world shifts…it gets a little better, a little brighter, a little more filled with love…and I believe we could all use a little more love 😉


Last year was a tough year, but also a great year. We had some losses, and we worked hard to heal and love on each other. I decided to quit my job and do business differently for myself. I also unquit my job. I’m excited to keep showing up here and in my business in a way that feels really aligned, magical, and super supportive. Also, especially excited to do more work that helps women who are balancing a day job with their own business. I’m excited to keep sharing the ways I’m showing up and serving in the world and I hope to see you there! XO

Now, let’s talk about YOU!

So I’d love to hear from you….how are you doing, really? And if you could use a word to summarize your past year, are you willing to share? Mine would be…deepening. Tell me yours in the comments!



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