Sunday Shutdown: How to fight the dread of the week ahead

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Crippling anxiety, can’t seem to make yourself get off the couch…or out from under that blanket? Hands shaking, chest tight, mind racing. Find yourself eating junk or just eating to fill time…because you’re so anxious you can’t function. The time is slipping away from you and all you want is to dig in your heels and make it stop.

Know the feeling? The Sunday Shutdown – that pit in your stomach and the overwhelming dread about starting a new week.

No matter how great your job is or how much you enjoy the people you work with, this sense of dread is perfectly normal and something I struggle with myself. For me, there’s anxiety around the unknown and otherwise, it usually has to do with people who cause an emotional reaction in me…. I dread going to those meetings even though they usually turn out just fine.

Since this is something I battle, especially as my job has gotten more difficult with greater responsibility, I figured I’d share some “pro tips” I use to get through this Sunday afternoon slump.

Suit up – picking out a super great outfit that will make you feel confident and beautiful will make your Monday go so much smoother and will likely put a little pep in your step. It’s a small thing, but trust me, it works.

Give yourself a pass – The action for this is inaction. Allow for some veg out time without feeling guilty. If there’s something you MUST do get it done early (like, before Sunday if possible) so you can have the rest of the day for uninterrupted relaxation without guilt. Sometimes you truly just need a break. Or a nap…I love a good nap.

Talk it out – call your mama or a good friend. Talk about what’s bothering you instead of carrying the burden alone (guilty!). This can help you gain perspective or at least get the ickiness out.

Set yourself up for success – before you get to Sunday, have the laundry, etc. done that you need to do to be ready for Monday morning. This way Sunday can be all about relaxing. I ride the struggle hard on this one and alllllways regret it in the end

Get moving – go for a walk or do a quick yoga flow, hike with your dog or just take a barefoot stroll through the trees. Anything to get your blood pumping, your mind off of whatever Is stressing you out, and reconnect you to your body.

Visualize – Envision the week going well, walk yourself through each anticipated meeting and interaction. See yourself as confident and happy, having wonderful interactions with the people around you. this visualization will set you up for success and help with the stress of the unknown and negative of the week.

Find some quiet time – I like to do a quick grounding meditation and journal for a bit. Other great options include tapping or breathing exercises, or anything else to give you the time, space, and quiet to reflect and center.

Reframe– If it’s a momentary dark cloud or just a meeting you really really don’t want to, then work on your mindset. Think about what you’re grateful for, what you’re excited about, the people you love. Those things can be a total game changer and put some happy energy back into your day. And what about thing you’re realllllly dreading – is there a silver lining to that thing too?? Is it an opportunity to gain exposure or show off your kick ass skills? Find the positive and own that shit.

Assess what’s really bothering you – Let’s get to the nitty gritty of this nagging anxiety. What’s really stressing you out? is it an upcoming meeting? A bad boss? A job you just hate? Once you know what’s bothering you, you can either make a plan to be better prepared (prepare for that presentation, get ahead on emails, clear your schedule to prepare for a meeting). OR you can start thinking of steps for a change because let’s be real, sometimes you need a change. If a job or situation is truly making you miserable and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe it’s time to start looking for other options.

Do something fun – This one’s easy. Treat yourself to a funny, lighthearted movie, go out with friends, play a game, read a book…do something that feels fun, easy, and stress free. Bonus if it makes you laugh.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is to RECLAIM YOUR TIME. Stop letting a job own you and take up your precious energy in advance. This is your time, make it what you want it to be and make it count.

Tell me…do you deal with the dreaded Sunday Shutdown? What do you do to prepare for the week ahead and to keep the Sunday Blues at bay?

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