Why fall is the perfect time to make New Years resolutions

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As the leaves start to turn burgundy, orange, and gold, and the air cools and crisps, a time for new beginnings arrives in our lives. School starts, days are shorter, and the desire/inclination to turn inward, to hibernate, to regroup is paramount.

A little fun fact about me: I don’t make New Years Resolutions on December 31st or January 1st. I do assess and make goals at the end of January, but no magical stroke-of-midnight resolutions for this girl. For me, Fall feels like the best time for a fresh start. Like a new year. Especially with my birthday at the end of summer, a whole new year of life stretches out in front of me. And then, the season changes, the air feels different and it’s time to begin.

For me, Fall also brings a time of steadiness, ritual, and routine that summer lacks because of all the go go go energy. Fall feels like starting over. The red and gold leaves, then the bare trees promising winter, hibernation, a time to reset. Shedding the old and turning inward. Fall means rest. Time for self and home and family. Time to regroup and renew.

Fall is a time to take stock and reassess. Life changes so much in the summer – it’s a time of activity and energy. Go go go. Fall is the time to slow down and reflect. A time to reassess and redirect your efforts; a time for change that feels more natural, organic, than that forced January 1st date.

Why is this?

My theory? It’s the time for going back to school – even if you’re not in school anymore or don’t follow that same middle school schedule (hello 10-week terms), the cadence is natural. We jump back into our routine.

It’s also time when nature starts to go inward. To hunker down for the incoming winter. But first, you harvest what you sowed and enjoy family and celebration. It’s a natural time of connection and reflection.

I also like having goals in the fall because it’s a helpful way to combat those upcoming winter blues. I love winter, but the seasonal mood changes can be really difficult, so having a plan and something to work towards and look forward to helps.

How to make your fall resolutions count

  • Be specific – broad goals like “workout more” are less effective than specific, actionable steps like “participate in at least 20 minutes of intentional move per day”
  • Write em down – solidify your priorities and your plans. Reflect on this list often to remind you where you’re going and why you want to work for that
  • Be kind to yourself – this is a time for resetting and regrouping, not beating yourself up
  • Get some support – share on social, tell your partner, enlist your bestie to be your accountability bish
  • Find a routine – this makes it easier to complete actions without frantically trying to fit them into a busy day. If they’re already built-in, it’s the exception to not do them vs the rule
  • Give yourself a break – build in time for rest between all your grand plans and exciting actions
  • Work towards things that make you FEEL good – the point of goals and plans aren’t to continually beat yourself up. Find some things that make you feel more fulfilled, more whole. Amidst all the practical stuff, work towards a skill or hobby that lights you up. And remember, you are perfectly amazing just the way you are. This isn’t about squishing yourself into some pre-defined box.
  • Take bite-sized chunks – don’t try to do it all. Break it down into smaller actions and take it one step, one day at a time. Working on one goal, bit by bit, at a time is perfectly acceptable. You don’t have to accomplish everything in a month. This isn’t a race

I’ve identified a few main themes for myself this fall. I know I won’t see an immediate change on all of them, so I’m planning some specific, actionable steps for each one, and not all at once. My personal priorities include…

  • Money – reducing debt, building savings, having a more responsible & respectful money mindset
  • Health – reducing sugar dependency, participating in regular and enjoyable movement, and improving my overall health
  • Business – continue building my business while maintaining sanity and fulfilling (and enjoying) my other life responsibilities
  • Home – choosing more intentional actions for connection and joy over constant mindless distractions

So tell me, what’s on your resolutions list this fall?

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