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31 Reasons Your 30’s Really Are Better Than Your 20’s

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As I’m wrapping up year number 31 on earth, I’m reminded how much better my 30’s have been and will continue to be, than my 20’s ever were. So, without further ado, here are 31 reasons your thirties are infinitely better than your twenties….from a super happy, relatively well-rounded, pizza-loving, extra grateful thirty-something. So remember, if you’re wandering through your twenties (or even tip-toeing into your thirties) feeling stuck, just know that it absolutely gets better. Getting older isn’t as scary as it used to be when I was a kid…it’s actually pretty great once you start to relax into who you really are.

  • You just know more
  • You’ve gotten out most of your stupid. Bad relationships, shitty eating, boozefests, and sleepless nights…you at least know better and sometimes you even do better
  • You’re over the drama – there’s no more need for games in your life
Katii Bishop/Pexels
  • You’re more selective with your time and your energy, prioritizing the things that really matter to you
  • You know (& accept) yourself – you now recognize how much more interesting and valuable all your quirks make you
  • You set your own boundaries and you don’t settle for anything less
Josie Stephens/Pexels
  • You have career goals and have probably started to make some real traction
Bruce Mars/Pexels
  • Your goals and dreams go beyond making money
Stijn Dijkstra/Pexels
  • You’ve gained some credibility, knowledge, and success
  • You know where you stand and how to get to where you want to be
  • You’ve had some legit life experiences that have formed you as a person
Julien Jagtenburg/Pexels
  • You get to be the “expert” and give sage, boss-adult advice, helping others learn from your experiences
  • You may be busier, but you have more time for the things that matter and more control over said time
  • You’ve realized how awesome home is and don’t feel the constant need to go out
  • You know it’s OK to be silly and often, it’s better than being so damn serious
  • You’re over most of your body shit
  • And because of that…you’re probably having better sex
Kristen Vogt/Pexels
  • You know how to dress yourself and act right. You’ve settled into your own style and no longer need to endlessly chase every trend
  • Adulting finally makes sense and it’s not so overwhelming to just handle your shit. You know what you have to do and you just do it
  • You know that movement and eating good food makes you feel better
Lucas Pezeta/Pexels
  • You know who your people are…and who they aren’t
Ivandrei Pretorious/Pexels
  • You know where you stand with your family and may have even healed some relationships
  • You’ve finished school…or at least the school you’re in now is a choice
  • You know what you like and what you don’t and no longer feel the need to fake it just to please others
  • You know your own body and know how to treat it
Life of Pix/Pexels
  • You’re more confident – from your body to your career to your ability to just be, everything seems to get easier
Bradley Hook/Pexels
  • You’re able to experience real joy, gratitude, and abundance
Felix Mittermeier/Pexels
  • You can afford to have some real adventures and experiences
Jens Johnsson/Pexels
  • You can enjoy the finer things in life
  • You realize you don’t have to be obsessed with social media or any other status nonsense – real life is way better
Jeremy Levin/Pexels
  • Your relationships are your own – you decide where you’re going and how you want to get there (and even better, with who(m)!)
Katie Salerno/Pexels
  • You’re no longer grasping at things (and people) not meant for you
  • You know you’re responsible for your own happiness & success and you’re in a place to make shit happen

So tell me, how are your 30’s going? If you’re not there yet, what are you most looking forward to? (spoiler alert: your 30’s are super legit 🙂 ).

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