6 of the Best Tips I Wish I Knew when Starting a Business

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Starting a business has been one of the greatest things I’ve done, but the road that led me here was not always easy. That’s why I want to share with you some of the best tips I’ve learned when starting a business. Starting a business is hard work and there are endless suggestions and asks of your attention. It can be super overwhelming, which is why I really want to help narrow it down for you with tips I wish I knew when I was first starting out :).

You’re a Coach, Now What?

Earning my coaching certification (certifications, but who’s counting) was super exciting. I was ready to go. Ready to coach, ready to make a difference, But I found myself really unsure of where to start. Sure, most coach trainings carry a degree of business training and like “here’s how you go out into the world” but I found that it wasn’t focused or specific enough to take a business from 0 to anything for a long long time.

Shiny Object Syndrome

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Because I didn’t know exactly where to focus, I didn’t focus at all. I downloaded every freebie, signed up for tons of classes, and was constantly trying to learn something new. I pivoted a lot, chased all the shiny objects, and didn’t see real traction for a long time.

Because I didn’t know where to focus, I didn’t focus at all.

As you can imagine, this caused me plenty of stress, lots of wasted time, and thousands of dollars spent to get to where I am today. The difference between then and now? Now I’m confident with a solid grasp on starting and running a business, balancing that business with the rest of my life, and also, teaching others how to start their own business.

Tips for Starting a Business

So without further ado, here are some of the best tips I wish I knew when starting my business. I share these with so much love and the hope that you’ll be able to gain some clarity and support through these while traveling on your own biz-building journey.

1. You don’t need more trainings

Here’s a thing about me: I loooove learning. I love ingesting new information and fancying myself quite the expert. I’ve taken Marie Forleo’s B School, classes from Amy Porterfield, and other coach preparation trainings and guess what? I LOVE IT ALL. So many of these programs are so so great, but you know what, I still didn’t have a clear, focused, and successful business. I had lots of knowledge and several new tips and tricks, but I was still in the “getting started phase”, even after spending thousands of dollars.

*A note: these trainings are often amaaazing and I continue to learn from these leaders, BUT, at that moment in my journey, I really needed more focus, simplicity, clarity, and one on one support. Having revisited these trainings after getting my basic business foundation in place, I’ve found them much more beneficial and I’m more able to pick and choose what makes sense for me and my business instead of chasing every single shiny object and pivoting daily.

2. Stop downloading the freebies

Seriously, I think I printed like 6 forests worth of paper, which is AWFUL. This was more of the chase-chase-pivot strategy, and sure, I learned some good little tidbits along the way, but most of the time, I ended up overwhelmed and confused, I was inundated with sooo many different pieces of information and “expert opinions”, and no clear direction on what would work for me. And guess what, even after all those freebies? Still no business.

3. The things you think matter don’t matter at first

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Do you need a business bank account, an LLC, an air tight legal agreement? Eventually, yes. But I want to encourage you to take a moment and hit pause. When you’re first getting started, none of that is super important. You need to build the foundation of your business, you need to know what to DO in your business…hell, you need to HAVE a business before you get so in the weeds on this stuff. Try to stay in the season you’re actually in and focus on the basics – learn who you’re serving, what you’re selling, and how do you actually make it happen. I promise the other details will come much easier later.

4. You don’t have to be an expert

This tip BLEW MY MIND. You don’t have to be the complete expert on what you’re providing. You just have to be further along than your clients, have a heart for service, and a clear path to support them, to offer them something easier, better, and with greater support. So let me say it again, you don’t have to be the expert. You don’t have to know everything. And you are always going to get something wrong. Don’t freak out, you’re learning, and you’ll be better for the lessons you learn this way.

5. It’s going to change

Guess what? Your business idea, your plan, your target market, it could all change. And that’s OK. You’re going to grow and change; you’re going to learn more about the clients you serve and what they really need. This is part of the process, so don’t worry if your idea doesn’t seem perfect or like you’ll love it every day until you’re 80. Don’t worry if what you post on IG isn’t perfect or no one comments or likes your posts today. Messy and imperfect action is ALWAYS better than no action, and building your business is an evolution. Business is a fluid thing. Show up, give it your all, and stay open to learning and evolving over time.

6. You need support.

It’s a funny thing, but never in my coach training classes did anyone ever suggest that coaches needed coaches…which is super odd now that I know better lol. It was such a crazy realization for me when it finally sank in. I thought, I’m a coach, why would I need to pay for another coach? HA! Well, for starters, it’s hard to coach yourself when you’re all up in your own business, and it’s even harder to call yourself on your BS.

There is also sooo much value in learning from someone who has been there, who has seen success, and has built something you want to build yourself. And guess what? When you start investing in yourself, you start creating the energy of abundance, you start calling in more and better and clients for that are also willing to invest in themselves.

Working directly with a coach in my own business has been the single most valuable investment I’ve ever made, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve spent thousands (several lol) trying to get this right. Having someone there who has been where you are and can give you one-on-one support, focused and insightful feedback, as well as biz-building guidance is easily the best thing you can do when starting your business.

TLDR: My Best Tip for Starting Your Business

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So, take my advice here. Get someone in your corner that can support you, guide you, lead you into becoming the most amazing entrepreneur, into building the business of your dreams. Stop focusing on the shiny objects for a minute and create that team, that support system for yourself. Take this leap sooner rather than later, so that you can start getting really clear, really focused, and taking action on the things that matter to actually get your business up and running, start serving clients, and start making money in the business of your dreams.

I’d be honored to support you myself in this journey – you can click here to schedule a consultation with me if you’re interested in learning more. But also, it’s OK if it’s not me. I still encourage you to find SOMEONE. Someone you vibe with, someone who has been there before, someone whose energy matches yours and makes you feel really supported. And also, someone who isn’t afraid to call you out and be really honest with you so you can see massive success in a much faster time.

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