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Are you ready to live your dream life now? Sick of putting it off and waiting for something to happen to get you there? I’m going to let you in on a little secret on how to change everything and start living your dream life ASAP. And the best part? It’s way easier than you think.

“When I lose 15 lbs., I’m going to buy that dress”

Do you ever find yourself saying something like, “once I lose 15 lbs. I’ll buy that perfect dress”, “once I have more time, I’ll start my own business,” “Once I have more money, I’ll take that trip with my husband,” “Once I have a boyfriend, I’ll take pictures at a pumpkin patch.”

Someday, when, once….enough already.

You’re better than that. Stop putting yourself off, waiting for your situation to change or time to magically give you more money, more time (funny thought right) or this mysterious man of your dreams.

Time isn’t going to change any of that. You are.

And this constant “I’ll do ____ when ____” is just saying to your mind and to the universe that you aren’t worthy of those things now, which wreaks havoc if you’re really trying to call those gifts into your life.

Be honest about your dream life.

What are you saying that about? Where are you telling the universe that you’re not ready or not worthy to live your dream life.

I talked before about goals and dreams and purpose, so check that out if you haven’t already and then dig deep, take an honest look at what your big dreams are right now. What are you aching for, what’s calling to your heart and soul?

Is it a business, the body of your dreams, the love of your life?

And once you’re clear on what your heart wants, ask yourself, are you telling yourself you can have that WHEN…. Are you waiting to have more money, more time, get another certification, lose weight, etc. before you are truly able to enjoy that dream life?

(Doesn’t make sense when you think about it, does it?)

What are you really waiting for? Live your dream life now.

When you’re clear on what beautiful goals and dreams are calling to you, think about how they’ll make you feel once you have them. If having those things, doing these activities, being that person will make you feel good and happy, start feeling that now. Don’t wait.

Time isn’t going to magically gift you a degree, more time in the day, or the love of your life. YOU have to call those things into your world and the quickest way to do that is to start living like you have them NOW.

But Audry, how can I make a relationship out of thin air?

No, you probably can’t do that (although if you can, I’m totally interested in talking about your magic). What I’m saying is that you can start living in the energy of those things. Start behaving as if you already have them.

That signals to the Universe that you’re ready to live that brilliant dream life, that you’re open to receiving and willing to show up.

Put it into action

white city bicycle parked beside green and brown wooden signage Follow that Dream
Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

For example, if you are dreaming of starting your own business, start acting as if you have your own business. Plan your time accordingly. Show up strong and confident and in your bad ass CEO-energy. You can still take the class and learn the skills needed to create your business, but in the meantime, stop wasting time on shit that doesn’t serve. Stop wasting energy on the “when I have this…” and wasting time on things that don’t get you closer to your goals. Start presenting yourself in everything you do as a confident, knowledgeable professional who knows her place in the world. Create the foundation for your big successful dreams.

If you’re dreaming of your forever relationship, start acting as though you’re already in it. Notice how beautiful you are, start giving love and “glowing” like you would in a relationship that lights you up. Take yourself on dates, spend luxurious Sunday mornings with coffee and a magazine. Also, stop dating losers who are only going to distract you from the real deal. Set your standards high and align your daily life with the feeling of loving and being loved. Show up and create the energy so that your true love can arrive to this beautiful place.

If you’re dreaming of making more money, start conducting yourself as the person who has more money. When you make purchases, invest in quality, don’t buy a ton of cheap shit. Save for what you really want instead of filling the void with what you can have now. Ask yourself, what would my wealthy self do? (Probably invest in quality and not worry about the rest).

Live your dream life now.

black woman standing in grassy field
Photo by Matheus Henrin on Pexels.com

Start your day seeing yourself in these moments, in your dream life. Live as if you are already exactly where you want to be. Get into that energy and then ride that wave all day long. ACT like the person who has these things so you can start attract them to you instead of wishing your life away.

So go now. Do that big thing, feel that exciting energy. And comment below what you’ll start acting as if you have today.

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