It’s OK to Fail: Embrace Boundaries & Take Time to Rest

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Goodness. What a week. I’m writing this on Sunday after working 12-15 hour days for the last week. I was a zombie. It was a hot mess of a week.

I had every intention of putting up a blog post on Tuesday and shooting out a fun email. No such luck. By the time I got home, it was time to inhale dinner and go to bed. My brain wasn’t working anyway – I’ve never experienced a fog quite like this. I wasn’t even hearing or noticing things happening around me. I was completely engrossed in a situation and my brain had pushed out everything else.

That is, except for the guilt of not getting a post up. I still managed to beat myself up for that – “how will you ever be a real blogger?” “How are you going to have a business if you can’t make time to work on it?” Yeah…that stuff. I was giving myself one hell of a hard time and feeling like a failure.

How are you going to have a business if you can’t make time to work on it?

Thank heavens for a good friend of mine. She reminded me that this is supposed to be fun. “Don’t lose the joy in it”, she said. And then she hit me with the truth bomb: sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and some time to rest.

Sometimes, you just need to give yourself a break. A pass. Time to rest and reset.

Best. Reminder. Ever. She was totally right, of course. I did just need to give myself some breathing room, some time to rest and get my mind right. I was in no shape to be worrying about a post last week. But there is some truth in my worries…

I do need to evaluate my priorities and either make time or make changes. It’s hard to come home every day exhausted and make the mental space to run a business or write a blog. It’s not fair to any of the things I’m juggling, or to my sweet boys at home – nothing is getting the best of me right now.

Either make time or make changes.

The last week was super sucky for me, but it was a good reminder to be kind to myself. And that once I get out of the fog and out from under the mess, it’s important to evaluate my priorities and set some healthy boundaries that allow me to do the things I want to do most.

So I’m giving myself the grace to rest and reset and giving you the realness. I’m not perfect and I won’t pretend to be. Plus, why would you want to read about perfect anyway? Meh. Boring LOL.

I’m giving myself permission to just be where I am, the space to rest and clear my mind, and the time to navigate the current situation as best as I can.

I’m also giving you a permission slip too, if you need it. Embrace the realness, love yourself, and don’t beat the shit out of you. Be your own cheerleader, your own support, and the first one to say, “go cuddle up and don’t worry about this” when you need it. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to do it all. And you certainly don’t owe anything to anyone, especially if it’s not in alignment with what you want and how you’re feeling. Struggles happen, sometimes sleep is the most important thing in the world, and once you’re rested – you can get up and kick ass.

So, with all of this in mind, I’m dubbing August “Self-Care Month” (at least for me). I’ll be entering my 32nd year at the end of this month and it’s time to show me some more love and respect.

I’m giving myself gifts this month – the gifts of joy, ambition, motivation, boundaries, peace, rest, love, forgiveness, time, space, acceptance, and better health. The gift of every day as a step in the right direction of feeling better, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The gift of more joy and more time doing the things I love. The gift of saying no or putting up boundaries with things aren’t aligned with me anymore.

So tell me, what do you need to give yourself permission for right now?

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