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A Quick & Dirty Guide to Why Meditation Matters

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Today, I want to share with you a super quick Guide to Meditation so you can understand the benefits and learn why you should start your own practice today. We’re gearing up for a Free Meditation Challenge at the end of this month so meditation is hot on my mind. It also has been such a huge part of my own life that I want this joy, calm, and clarity for everyone; you can see more about my own meditation journey here.

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How Meditation Changes Your Life

  • Meditation makes you feel more connected to yourself, to a sense of inner guidance
  • It can help you feel calmer by leveling out the constant inner chaos and monkey-mind
  • Meditation can open the door to a deeper relationship with spirit/the universe/divine (call it whatever you want, there’s magic in this)
  • It can unlock doors in your subconscious mind; visualizations and manifesting can create successes that don’t even seem possible right now 
  • Meditation can help you find your “tribe”. By connecting through this unique practice, you will likely encounter other people on a similar journey or with similar interests and priorities

A Guide to Meditation: What I Wasn’t Expecting

I was surprised to learn that meditation wasn’t a ticket to the cool kids club (turns out, it was better). All those zenned out yogis? yeah, I’m still not them. While meditation didn’t make me “cool like them”, it made me a much cooler, more balanced version of myself.

It didn’t make me a different person. Instead, it made me a deeper more enriched, and aware version of the self already loved. Meditation was a good lesson in learning to love me at all stages and it’s definitely helped me to become more at home and loveable in my own mind.

Meditation does not take away all your problems, but it does give you the tools to deal with them. Seriously, life is hard and there will always be challenges. Meditation can’t change that. But what meditation can do is set you up on a sturdier internal foundation and help you find coping skills to work through any challenges and what more do you need!?

Guide to Meditation: Some Notes

Meditation: woman meditating on blue yoga mat in front of white wall

Your meditation practice can be exactly what you want it to be – the gateway to something more or a simple way to relax and heal your mind. In the same vein, you will get out of it what you put in. Half-assed efforts usually yield half-assed results, just sayin…

Meditation can connect you to other people OR it can be totally private and just for you. It can be spiritual or religious. or it can not be any of those things. It can be just about breath, and body, and stillness, and really, what’s better than that?

You can use it to complement a spiritual practice if that’s what you want. Dive into meeting goddesses, connecting with a spirit guide on a meditative journey, meet your Inner Child…whatevs works for you. Are you into the OG idea of God from your church days? Spend some time in prayer….after all, what is prayer if not a meditation. and what is meditation if not a connection to the universe…

A Guide to Meditation: Science Rules

Yoooooo….who doesn’t love WebMD, they’re the expert at everything right? Here’s what they say about meditation:

“The relaxation response [from meditation] helps decrease metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate, breathing, and brain waves,” Benson says. Tension and tightness seep from muscles as the body receives a quiet message to relax. There’s scientific evidence showing how meditation works.

– WebMD

Also, check out these links to see what Forbes and Mindful.org have to say…

I wanted to capture a wide range of input to show that there really is something in meditation for everyone, for any situation. And the cool part? They all say the same thing: meditation is GOOD FOR YOU. So why not give it a try?

Types of Meditation

There are several types of meditation, so I feel pretty confident you can find something that works for you. You can do breath-focused meditations, guided visualizations, chanting (think “OMMMMMMMM”), moving meditation, and so much more.

Check out this article from Healthline to give you more details on the types of meditations.

Meditation: My Preference

Personally, I like to mix my meditations up a bit, but my favorite is a guided spiritual meditation. I like to have a purpose, otherwise, my critter brain takes over and it’s much much harder for me to focus. I started out with breath-focused and can certainly get there, it just isn’t my first choice. But they all have their place and can all be truly beautiful in the right setting, at the right time.

Where You Can Find Meditations

Good lord, they’re everywhere. Paid and free. Youtube has several and Hay House has a whole podcast dedicated to it. Get your Google on!

So tell me below…do YOU want to learn how to meditate? And if you already have a meditation practice, what is your favorite type of meditation?

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