The Best Time of Year to Make Resolutions

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Spoiler alert: Fall is the best time of year to make resolutions.

I’ve heard Fall referred to as a “Mother’s New Year” because of the school year starting and all the big changes that come with it. While I’m not a parent, I’ve always felt a sort of new beginning when the air gets crisp in the fall, so I can get down with the idea of Fall as the start of, or preparation for, the new year.

The Reason for the Season

Seasonally, it’s a time to harvest the last of the crops and then begin the journey inside for the winter and maybe that’s why I love it. I love time to “go inward” and reflect. Time to build and create from that space of rest and quiet. That’s also what makes Fall perfect for making resolutions. The reflection, the planning, and the beautiful shifting cyclical energy that goes with the change of season.

There is something so energetically powerful and refreshing to me about the Fall. The way the air shifts, the colors change, and everything else that happens in the Fall. While there is death, it’s so purposeful in making way for vibrant beautiful new life and that gets me fired up and excited in a deeply powerful way. I LOVE Fall energy. It’s magic.

Making Resolutions

I’ve shared before that I don’t typically make new years resolutions but I find that in my own life, Fall is when I tend to be taking on new projects and getting really clear about the coming year. So for me, Fall is about making plans. Resolutions, if you will. Building up the foundation that will carry you through the cold winter months and into the Spring, where you can jump out and say, I’m here, bitches! I’m ready to BLOOM!”

Resolution: (noun) a firm decision to do or not to do something. (Thanks, Google).

Making resolutions in the Fall also allows me to marinate and feel into those plans, so that when it comes time for the cold end of December, New Year’s Eve, I’m clear and aligned with my energy and my plans and I can put any finishing touches on them saying, this is how I’ll show up, this is what I want to do in the new year.

Fall Resolutions

So I stand firm in my unusual that Fall is the best time of year for resolutions. New Year’s is fine but Fall feels so much better to me. These resolutions are way more likely to stick. More likely to be made from a pure energy. Your head is clear, you’re still feeling the action-energy of summer. You’re more able to feel into them and be super aligned by the time you start the new year. It just fits.

And if you think about Fall as a season, it makes sense. Fall is all about clearing space for the new. Leaves die and fall off the trees. The days get shorter and darker. All begging us to go inward to make plans to listen to our hearts so that we can emerge later like the beautiful butterflies we are.

Creating Your Own Resolutions: a Process

This Fall, I encourage you to take some time, get still and quiet and treat yourself to an inner adventure. Ask yourself what you want and need. Feel into it. Then selectively choose a few resolutions to guide you through this beautiful dark turn of the year. (I’ve included the steps to my own process below so you can try that on for size as well).

Also, I’ll be back in my next post to talk more about the reflection work that goes on for me in the Fall, the work that supports these resolutions. So keep an eye out for that post as you work through your resolution process.

And remember that this is indeed a process, an evolution. It’s not a sprint. Take the next month to give yourself over to these practices, to this energy. To go inward and feel into what your soul needs. Then set your intentions and build your resolutions for the year to come.

For now, start here. Start looking inward for guidance. Start by asking yourself questions and then really listening.to your inner wisdom.

How to Create Your Resolutions: A Ritual

Give yourself time and space to begin this ritual. Light some candles, get cozy, and really be intentional with this time and space.

Then, get quiet, focus on the breath filling your body, and then ask yourself what you want. What you need. Then feel into the answers. Like, really tune in. No more shoulds. Make this count. Let it be a soul goal.

If you need some help to get to this space, sit quietly and start with some deep breaths, breathing into your chest and heart space. Dropping from your head into your heart. Quieting your mind and feeling the energy in your chest. Then, when you feel really relaxed and present, ask your inner wisdom (your Highest Self), “what does my soul desire?

Be honest with yourself. Feel into what no longer serves you and needs to fade away. After a year like 2020, it’s time to get selective. Choose what matters to you, what elevates your life, what makes a difference. Pursue those things with a passion and let the rest go.

Sit with the feeling for a while. Don’t let these become rushed actions. This is not a checklist. There’s a reason I encourage you to take the next month to immerse yourself in this process. To let it breathe.

Once you’ve asked your inner guidance and feel like you have an answer, write it down and give it space. Come back later. Let the resolutions marinate in the cool Fall air and see if they still feel right in your heart.

Then, get quiet again and close your eyes. Start to see yourself having, doing, being those things. Does it FEEL right when you’re sitting in the quiet moments?

Once you’ve felt into these resolutions and you have an inner soul knowing that this is the direction you’re meant to take, then you can call them into being.

Bringing Your Resolutions to Life

I invite you to start a visualization practice if you don’t have one. With your artfully selected, soulfully decided resolutions, take another few moments in the still silence. Closing your eyes and breathing into your heart.

Start to envision what your life will be like when those resolutions come to fruition. How will you be different, feel different? What will your life look like? Try not to think it, though, and instead, let yourself feel it. Let your mind wander and explore and feel into the energy of your creation.

Sit with that for 5-10 minutes and then spend some time in your journal. Focus on the feelings that came to you and on any unique pieces of the puzzle your mind may have revealed to you. Let yourself bask in the energy of these resolutions becoming reality.

To amplify this practice throughout the next few months, try to spend at least a few minutes tapping into this visualization every day. Let yourself call in this energy of creation, aligning with your resolutions.

Why This Practice Matters

As Tony Robbins says, where your attention goes, energy flows. This visualization practice will start to create the pathways in your brain to make these visions a reality. Say hello to an increased rate of success.

Seeing Your Success

For a little bonus, create an anchor that reminds you of your resolutions. It could be a picture that represents your dreams or a sticky note with a few words. I also love using vision boards as a beautiful, visual reminder of goals and dreams.

Because I believe deeply in the power of seeing your dreams and breathing life into them, I’m working with a friend to create a Vision Board Workshop. Vision Boards let you anchor into your resolutions and support those neural pathways of seeing them as reality, of feeling into the energy of being.

We’ll be launching the workshop later this Fall, giving you plenty of time to feel into your goals before, and still enhance your resolutions and create a true vision of your life before heading into the dark winter months and then into the New Year.

I’d love for you to join us, so click here if you’d like more info about the Workshop.

TLDR: Creating Resolutions

  • Give yourself the next month or so to create beautiful, aligned resolutions. To feel into this practice and give yourself the space to create from the heart.
  • Ask yourself, what does my soul desire (get really honest and clear).
  • Ditch the shoulds and shit that no longer serves you.
  • Let your resolutions breathe and then come back to make sure they’re aligned.
  • Visualize yourself living these new resolutions and then journal how about the feelings and messages you received (see above for the full ritual).
  • Do this every day throughout the fall and winter, really letting yourself FEEL into this energy. Letting it create new pathways in your brain.
  • Anchor it in with a visual reminder.
  • Join us later this Fall for a Vision Board Workshop.

So get started on your Fall Resolution Process. Give yourself lots of beautiful time and space to create perfectly aligned resolutions and the energy to support them.

Comment below with what visions or energy you want to create in the year to come!

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