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What is Coaching and why is it so hot right now?

I get asked a lot, “what is this life coach thing all about?” I mean, really, what does it even MEAN? As I’m approaching another certification test (I’ll forever be a student in some way and I. love. it!), I wanted to share a bit more about what I do and why I’m so very passionate about “this coaching thing”. I hope you will find this informative and enlightening and if you know someone who might benefit from coaching, please share! Also, please please please leave me comments or shoot me an email if you have more questions…the gift of working through your own “stuff” and having someone supporting and holding space for you is truly incredible…it changes everything.

What is a Life Coach and why would anyone need one??

Well, I’m a Coach and I pretty much think it’s my life’s calling. Coaching can be a plethora of things, but at the base of it all, a coach is someone to help you identify your goals and where you want to be, develop action steps to get there, and encourage your accountability, while holding the space and support to cheer you along.

What can a coach help with?

As a coach, I can help with many aspects of your life, including weight loss, body image, confidence, overwhelm & stress management, relationships, professional success, spirituality, and the list goes…

My passion is helping my clients feel fulfilled, balanced, and joyful in every part of their lives. We work together to do this by connecting with the deeper parts of you, releasing your inner wild woman, moon child, high priestess, etc. And honestly, this is a total game changer – it affects how you approach all aspects of your life, from home to relationships and even at work. I love helping my clients craft beautiful, healthy relationships and professional success (whatever that means for you); and all this stems from a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself.

How does this coaching stuff work?

There are many approaches coaches may take, from assessments to talking through situations, practicing deep, active listening, and supporting activities and actions to help you understand your challenges and reach your goals. Energy work is another tool in the toolkit, for appropriate clients.

What techniques do you use?

I use some combination of the above techniques, but as with anything in coaching, it depends on the client. No two people will have the same experiences, needs, challenges, and goals – this is a program that is always tailored specifically to YOU.

What the hell is “energy work”?

Energy work can mean many things – from reiki to aura work to meditation, healing with crystals and herbs, shamanic healing and journey work…there is so much under the heading of “energy work”.

I don’t personally practice reiki (maybe someday!), but absolutely endorse the benefits. I do practice energy work like meditation, shamanic healing, inner child work, etc. There is so much to be gained here, but again, each session is tailored to the client’s specific needs! So if this isn’t your jam, we never even have to go there!

Is it like therapy?

Life coaches are NOT therapists. They are not licensed and cannot give medical advice. If you suffer from depression, or another affliction that warrants medical advice, I (and any good coach) would strongly suggest you see a medical professional.

You can see a coach and therapist at the same time! Often, these are very complimentary services and can help you reach new levels of growth. While it’s not required, I always suggest you are open with all professionals you work with about any other treatment or services you are seeking.

Life coaches tend to focus on the present (some exceptions apply, of course) – zeroing in on current challenges, beliefs, goals, etc. Therapy may be looking to resolve past traumas to move forward while coaching uses understanding and shifts to achieve growth. Coaches also focus a lot on personal accountability for the client, while offering support and encouragement.

Life Coach vs. Therapist
Credit: Tony Robbins

Does Coaching have any religious affiliations?

I know of coaches who are affiliated with a specific religion and it’s clear in their coaching program, and some who may have an affiliation but don’t require their clients to have the same.

For me, it’s important that no affiliation colors my programs, training, or business. I want all clients to feel welcome, exactly as they are.

What does it cost?

LifeCoach.com estimates the average cost of coaching at $100-300 per hour, but it will vary based on the coach, comparable prices in the area, the specific training, etc. Shop around – find someone who is a good match for you based on their practice, purpose, and approach, not on price.

How long does it take to see a difference?

My opinion is that the speed with which you can see a difference is directly related to how much work you are willing to do. We often say, “the work happens between sessions.” As a coach, my job is to listen to you and work with you to determine action steps to get you to that next level of your own goals.

How quickly you see a difference is directly related to how much work you are willing to do. The work happens between sessions.

How long do I have to commit?

This varies entirely by the coach you choose and programs they offer. For me, I think 90 days is an ideal length to work through a goal or life change. Some programs could be effective in 30 days and some may need longer than 90. Also, if you find a coach you enjoy working with, you could keep building upon your work, continuing together through new goals, growth and challenges after the 90-day program ends. I don’t personally require a minimum length, but wouldn’t recommend anything under 30 days.

What types of people have life coaches? Is this just for fancy LA Housewives?

HA! No…this is for everyone. Every type of person. So many obstacles can be overcome and so much growth can be achieved through work with a coach. Find one that works specifically for you and it can be a long and beneficial relationship! Not every coach is for every person, but coaching can work for any person.

Who wouldn’t this be good for?

IMO, the only time coaching won’t help you, is if you aren’t willing to do the work yourself. A coach cannot change your life for you, they simply offer the understanding, guidance, support, and motivation to help you reach your goals. You still have to do the work.

If you’re willing to learn, grow, and put in the effort, a coach can work for you. As a reminder, though, if you are suffering from depression or any other mental illness, please seek professional medical support. There is no replacement for that help; coaching can certainly provide a compliment to that treatment, but not a replacement.

What are sessions like?

Good question! Once we have a Discovery Call and determine we are a good fit for one another, then comes the Intake Call. During that session, we work together to understand what challenges or obstacles you have been facing, what goals you want to work toward and start developing a plan of action. After that, sessions are typically once a week, or every other week, and each session lasts about an hour each. Most weeks you will end the session with action steps, which we will discuss the following week. The rest varies a lot based on what you are trying to achieve and the approach we collectively decide to take – again, it’s all tailored JUST FOR YOU!

Tell me what other questions you have! And if you’re curious how coaching can help YOU specifically, schedule your FREE Discovery Call HERE.

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