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I know it’s been a while and I’m very sorry this has taken me so long to post. I really struggled with what to say but felt like I needed to say something.

 I took some much-needed time away during the holidays and since then I’ve not known what to say or do next with regards to the blog. Then, very recently,  I had a major change in my life that left me a bit heartbroken and feeling untethered, further emphasizing my need to stay with myself, go inward, and take time before trying to put anything else into the world.

Leading up to the holidays, I was feeling a bit like the weekly ish blog post were starting to feel like an obligation instead of a way I can serve others and bring joy to the world, which is why I’ve decided to change courses (again. Business, just like life, is an ever-evolving process, it seems).

While I don’t know exactly what the future of Thirty Something Magic will look like, I know that I want to take a somewhat different direction with the site and that I want to shift my focus in my business overall, and I wanted to share where my head is at with you.

So, while I’m still struggling to say exactly what comes next, I’ll just share some of my desires for this new phase as well as some of the things I’m shifting away from.

I am in the process of a major shift in my life, which will be reflected in my business. I feel really called to start offering moon circles, reiki, manifestation trainings, and (eventually) selective coaching options. With all of that in mind, I will move away from the weekly blog posts and plans to create classes and some of the more traditional things to “sell” in an online business.

As this evolves, I hope you’ll find joy, value, and excitement in what I offer and that you’ll join back in on the ride. Also, if these new ideas and offerings speak to you, I’d love to hear from you and learn what you’d like to see more of and ways I can continue to serve you.

For now, though, for me, this will be a continued period of going inward, reflecting, healing, and then re-creating. Spring is a time for rebirth and newness and my hope is that I’ll be back in at least some form then.

In love and light,


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